Tuesday, July 12, 2022

I'd buy those Transformers for a dollar as well


I was pleasantly surprised when the news of Transformers Squeezelings were announced. As readers know, I'm a big fan of blind bag toys and keshi in general. A Transformers line of that? No problem! So far the toys have only been spotted as Dollar Tree stores for $3 each. I'm not sure if they'll pop up at any other stores, but wouldn't be surprised. I stopped by and picked up 4 packages at my local stores. At the time there's no discernible code system, so it's a complete shot in the dark when buying them. I ended up with only one double, Starscream, so I can't complain too much. The figures themselves are a larger keshi figure that are pleasantly rubbery and fully colored (for the most part). 

The first series contains Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream, and Optimus Prime. As of this writing, all I need is Optimus Prime to complete the set. Like I said above, I've only gotten one double in 4 packs. Hopefully Optimus won't be a challenge to get. The figures are in plastic bubbles inside the package, so feeling the bags won't help. The toys are located in the new 'more than $1' section of Dollar Tree. At $3 each, they're not expensive, but the price increase is still new enough to sting a little. The figures are mostly fully painted. I say mostly, because Starscream could use a little more. Speaking of the paint, it's a little sloppy. My Bumblebee has a messed up Autobot Symbol and some sloppy details. One Starscream has random paint on his face. Megatron's face paint is a little sloppy.

The paint issues aren't too bad. With the new higher prices, it does becomes more of a sticking point.  That's really my only complaint. The figures are well sculpted, non-Transforming obviously (there's always that one guy), but full of character. They're in the 'Evergreen' style of Transformers. That's really a fancy way of saying traditional Transformers characters and looks, just slightly updated. This is more for those products that will likely be on shelves longer than the current line. So when you run across a box of these and the new movie is out, they don't look like last years toys. It's a pretty good idea for a line that changes up every year or so. 

I'd like to think Squeezelings will eventually have more than just Transformers or more Transformers series. Time will tell of course, but I wouldn't mind other characters in the form factor. Hopefully a code system is adopted. I don't know exactly the details that go into implementing one and with the internal bubble, if one would be possible. It's not a big deal, but super convenient when avoiding doubles. Regardless, this is a fun new little line that so far I'm pretty happy with. I look forward to getting more.

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