Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Weekly Halloween: Unclean and Unspoken


It's not uncommon to be told something spooky as a child as a way to keep you in line. One childhood horror of mine was not to talk about the devil or say the word hell. Doing so would cause the devil to visit me in my sleep. Now obviously this was partially a easy way to keep kids from having a potty mouth and probably a little of that Satanic Panic I've talked so much about here. 

It's safe to say, the idea of the devil visiting you while sleeping is enough to mortify any 6 year old. This extended to various visages of the devil and other demons. It was already pretty scary for a small child, but adding in the additional danger of that night time visitation? Sometimes I wasn't sure the adults were taking it serious enough. The devil would show up randomly, unexpected, terrifying a young me. Lunch wasn't even safe. Satanic forces were lurking everywhere.

Which is why the commercial I've posted above hits particularly hard. I was so uncomfortable with Dirt Devil vacuums, it was a small relief that my parents never bought one. We were a Black and Decker household thankfully. Of course now I have a Dirt Devil and so far no unholy visitations (that I know of). But I still remember when such evil things were unspoken.

I was a kid, ok?

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