Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Weekly Halloween: Spooky Summer Approaches


Spring turns into summer, and Summer is a Spooky Season. Long time readers know I have a tradition around here, and that's observing the scary nature of summer as the lead up to Halloween. Sure, everyday is Halloween on Planet Zone. However when it's actually Halloween time, we go nuts. A solid 5 months of macabre and mayhem! But before the pumpkin spice flows, there's summer. The little peeps and peaks of our favorite season begin working their way into our spaces. The term that's most recently been used is Code Orange, and that's pretty appropriate as June the spooky signal starts flickering on. 

May began with Walpurgis Night and you've been noticing all month people celebrating Halfway to Halloween. The weather where you're at may vary, but Memorial Day has always been the unofficial beginning of summer for me. That's next week. So Monday will be a holiday and you all will have to forgive me for taking a day off. When I come back on Tuesday, the Spooky Summer will begin. Friday the 13th took place at a summer camp and ghost season in some countries is in summer. Between all those bright colors and festive fireworks, is something scary. Summer is a spooky season.

While the regular content will stay the same around here, there will be more of a slant towards the scarier stuff (BTW, turn on the captions on the video above if you need help understanding what they're saying). There will be more and more posts about scary toys, cartoons, games, and maybe a paranormal post or two (hundred). All leading up to August, when the pumpkins come out. At this point, I know you all love it. However, if you're new to the Base...

Hold onto your dooky, summer is spooky.

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