Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Weekly Halloween: May the 4th Behead You


What do you get when Star Wars day falls on our weekly observance of all things spooky here on Zone Base? Creepypasta from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Depending on your age, you likely have some Star Wars related Halloween memories. I've seen plenty of costumes from the movies. From the originals as a kid, to the more recent movies. There's been plenty of trick or treating options from Lucasfilm availible. The most memorable for me is my brother's Gamorrean Guard mask. Bought shortly after Return of the Jedi came out to wear on Halloween.

He wore that mask every year until reaching the dreaded 'too old' stage. Aside from the mask though, the rest of the costume wouldn't be very Star Wars. The first year wearing it, he wore a flannel shirt with a pillow stuffed underneath to make him fatter. Later years the mask was wore with a horror robe, thus making it terrifying in every conceivable way. Up until recently I still had the old mask. I was sadly forced to throw it away as time had made it start decomposing in storage.

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