Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Weekly Halloween: Japanese Psychological Phenomenon


There's something special about 'found footage' horror. Ok, sure, some of it sucks. But there's some real gems out there that'll remind you of why it can be so great. Little shorts like this one prove that simple usually is best. What's even going on? Some giant ghost follows a guy home after he sees it. I've always really liked Asian horror due to the ambience and the way the stories are told. Sure the story reaches a fever pitch at the end, but it was just as intense the entire time. It just finally catches the victim by the end. Then there's the look of the ghost. A standard white gown with long hair. Some good corpse paint style make up with the requisite blood. A staple of Halloween for a reason, it's scary. It's unsettling even if just in the background. How many times have you been out at night and seen something scary?

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