Monday, March 14, 2022

Weekly Halloween: Red Rooms At Night


Working overnight can be weird. I've done it for going on 11 years now and have had prior night shift jobs before. The world can be quieter at night, but also, more creepy. I can't tell you how many random weirdos I've ran across doing something as simple as getting a soda at a convenience store. Sometimes I run to the store for something at lunch, or just taking a break outside early in the morning. Not every time has been simple. There's a reason so many late night workers have spooky stories and so much media has been made from it. Fortunately I've not dealt with the red room like in the video above. Though, in those early days of the internet, I saw some weird and scary stuff. Still do, but these day's it's a little better hidden. There's just always something weird going on and sometimes it's just better not to look.

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