Thursday, March 31, 2022

We gonna rock on to MSX2


I'm sure that I've mentioned it before, but I felt like talking about it. The MSX seemed like one of the most badass things to me as a child. For the record, it's just a home computer. Micro Computers were all the rage back then and I'd often see them in various video game magazines. Of course not everyone had a computer at home back then and getting one was an uphill battle for me personally (that's for another post). Often, it wasn't until at school or the library that I'd use one. I had video game consoles though and my parents liked to support my reading. So I'd usually get whatever game magazine I'd pick out from the store whenever we'd go. This lead to discovering things like the MSX. 

There was something exotic about this computer system that was out of my reach. Other home computers like the Atari ST also had this allure for me. One gaming magazine that I'd read used cool gothy and punk imagery for their sections. For whatever reason, the computer section was given bloody fonts and crazy imagery. Don't ask me why. I wish I could remember the magazines name, but there was a ton during this time. It was a smaller publication that I only got at one grocery store, so who knows. Realistically this might account for some of my impressions that these Micro Computers were badass. These days I feel like tablets are a return to those old micros... and I have a pretty badass one.

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