Storming the Quicksand


Recently Hasbro previewed the upcoming Walmart Exclusive Sandstorm. This is a pretty big deal to me. The original is one of those figures that's always been just out of reach. It was a BotCon exclusive in the older days when they were a bit more hard to get and from a year I couldn't afford to go. This new Sandstorm is made from the Kingdom Scorponok toy that I loved. Frankly, I'll be satisfied with it. Being Exclusive to Walmart, it shouldn't be too hard to get. Though also being exclusive to Walmart means I don't trust their pre-order system and will have to essentially stalk my local stores when the sightings start happening. No problem, I'll practically live there if I have too. This is a must have toy for me and I can't wait to get one. It's so exciting to see something like this happen and honestly I'd love for more to come out.


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