Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Dreams into Tenkai Knights


Not everything is a big hit. Unfortunately Tenkai Knights falls into that category. Tenkai Knights was a toy line and anime centering around a group of kids who'd cross through a portal to Planet Quarton. Going through this portal would change them from normal kids into the Tenkai Knights where they'd face Lord Villius and the Corrupted Army. The cartoon would shift from 2D animation to 3D when they Tenkai Knight action started. It was a fun show that admittedly used a lot of genre tropes. There was even a dark version of the main hero Bravenwolf. I watched it pretty regularly while it was on and fondly bought the toys. There was video games I kinda regret not checking out.

The toys were mini figures that transformed into building blocks and building block sets. You read that right, the mini figures transformed into building blocks. Just take off the armor and weapons and the basic figure underneath could fold up into a lego compatible block. The building block sets were a combination of vehicles and creatures for the mini figures to interact with and larger versions of the characters. I mainly focused on the mini figures. They were available individually carded, individually in blind bags, and in multi packs. The mini figures were generally inexpensive, so it was easy and fun to just randomly grab a few whenever. 

They made for a solid counterpart to Kre-O Transformers at the time. If robot mini figures are your thing, it was a good time. I am and it sure was. They seemed to sell well in at my stores, though after a year the line just kinda fizzled out. That's a shame. Like I said, it was a fun little line. I'd love to see a return one day or even something similar find it's way out. I'd be great to swing by the store for some cat food and grab a few while there again.

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