Friday, December 3, 2021

Warpath post with clever title

Kingdom Warpath was one of my birthday gifts from the Mrs. I'm not sure what's taken me so long to get around to opening him, but my backlog does have a few stragglers from before I got sick. Adulthood sometimes gets in the way of childlike hobbies. I'm pretty impressed by just how much Warpath looks exactly like Warpath. I say that because so many toys of his is a different take on the design. This is 100% classic Warpath and a pretty good Transformers figure as well.

He's got a good amount of articulation and while I wasn't a fan of how the legs work in transformation, the tank mode is pretty solid. Warpath is one of those bots that manages to stick around, but still is a little under the mainstream eye. He's usually not the first or even second that come to mind when most people think about Transformers. However Warpath isn't obscure by any means either. That's an odd place for a classic character to be in, but it fits him doesn't it? This is a really good toy of Warpath. Really happy with it.

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