Friday, December 10, 2021

Deep Cover (Netflix version)

Deep Cover is one of those characters who's been around for awhile but is just there. Literally a repaint who serves as only a background character. I'm not complaining though, because he's a cool repaint that pays tribute to Transformers history. Originally Sideswipe was made from a Diaclone mold which came in a few different variations. Deep Cover originally was a E-Hobby exclusive made from the early 2000's Sideswipe re-issue based on a version of New Countach LP500S.

Along comes the Siege version of Sideswipe and there's a version of Deep Cover based on that toy (which I sadly missed out on). Then oddly enough this Deep Cover was released in the Walmart exclusive Netflix War for Cybertron line. This time seemingly based on the G2 Sideswipe Go-Bots toy. Which is funny since a lot of folks thought Deep Cover was based on the regular Sideswipe G2 toy.

With all of that talk of different versions and repaints, I didn't talk about this toy very much. That's because it's another repaint of a toy that's gotten quite a lot of repaints. Deep Cover is based on the Siege Sidewipe mold which is a very good toy. I'm generally fond of Sideswipe toys and I liked Siege a whole lot. It's nice to revisit Siege and one of my favorite molds from it in such a cool way.

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