Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Bios: Skystalker

"Terror reigns from the skies, the hapless rule on the ground."

Function: Interstellar Assault

Obsessed with power, acquiring it, keeping it, and using it to tyrannize all who oppose him. Lives for the day when the Decepticons will rule the universe under HIS command. The meanest fighter to ever raid an enemy outpost. Rockets across galaxies in his fearsome space shuttle, destroying everything in his path. Shuttle and detachable jet pod armed with laser cannons, cluster bombs, accelerator beams, air-to-air missiles, and nose cone modulator that emits earth-shaking sonic booms. Control panel armed with long-range aerial tracking devices and lock-target laser guidance systems. Lower platform equipped with atom scrambler that disintegrates objects in seconds.

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