Tuesday, November 2, 2021

T-Rex wins the Belt

Last weekend I found the T-Rex Champion Zord after what felt like looking forever. I hope to get the accompanying Zord sets soon to build the various Dino Fury Megazord formations. In the meantime I'm appreciating the big red guy who's the main component needed for all of the forms. He's a pretty cool toy on his own. A big Tyrannosaurus Rex with laser guns and drills that transforms into a robot. You can add other Zords onto the robot to form the various Megazord formations. It's pretty cool.

Not only that, but there's different heads for each formation. This is a holdover from Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, the series Dino Fury was made from. I didn't watch that show, but enjoying Dino Fury is making it more tempting. These heads are an enlarged Ryusoul form in the Sentai series. That's not elaborated into on Dino Fury. There's just this random Ranger that turns into the Megazord's head during the sequence. I understand that they're working with reused footage, but you'd think they'd have an explanation. Regardless, the heads transform into the random Rangers. The back of the head even pops off to reveal a Ranger piloting the Megaord. That's a neat little detail. I wish they explained it more fictionally. I'm still enjoying the weird little mini figure regardless. You guys know I love partner figures.

If you don't like part-formers, you'll probably not care for this toy. Due to the various Zord formations (I am using that word so much today), transformation by parts swapping is how everything is done. Speaking of, that green crotch piece in the pic is for one of those formations, I just forgot to take it off when I took the picture. I just noticed it, and the dinosaurs big tail isn't visible either. I never claimed to be an expert photographer. Or a good photographer even... damn cropped off robot toes. It's a fun toy and you can give him a sword via parts from other Zords. I plan to get those eventually. 

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