Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Long Neck

A few weeks ago I picked up Sludge from the Transformers Cyberton line. Ok, it's actually Energon Armor Dinobot Sludge from the Transformers: Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures line. At some point in the future the box will just be a page of text. Sludge is a really neat figure.

He's large, about the size of a Voyager Class figure, with a decent amount of articulation. There is a fair amount of hollowness, which keeps the price below that of a Deluxe Class. Cyberverse figures are generally intended for smaller children as opposed to collectors. There's going to be concessions to keep the price lower. 

Aside from the hollowness, Sludge is a nice toy. A big chunky Brontosaurus that turns into a cool super robot. Once again these Cyberverse toys feel like a toy from another time. It's almost like a G2 era mold that was unreleased. The Brontosaurus's tail turns into a big spear/club type weapon that looks like something out of Monster Hunter. Combine that with the Energon Armor and suddenly Sludge is straight out of some anime. Energon Armor? Yeah, he has that. It flips out from the backpack area and covers Sludge's face and chest. You could call it a gimmick, because that's what it is. The armor is a clear blue with a dinosaur shaped helmet. It's pretty awesome looking if you asked me. I'm assuming you did.

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