Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Don't miss your train

At Toylanta this past year, I managed to get a few Gobots for pretty good prices. I pretty much focused on them at the show and had fun doing so. I plan to do the same again this coming show and opefully bringing even more home. You guys know I love my Gobots. 

Loco here is one of those bought from this years con and man I really won out with him. He was only $5 and in pretty good shape. A few dings in the paint and that's it. His joints are tight and as you can see in the pics, he looks a lot better than I'm used to when buying a used Gobot. Go me.

Loco is a pretty simple robot, but still pretty solid. As his name implies, Loco turns into a train. Not a bullet train like you'd usually expect. Nope, an old timey steam engine style train. I believe the technical term is a choo-choo train. Transformation is pretty simple, his arms poke in and he folds over. Despite the simplicity, Loco has solid train and robot modes. In Machine Robo his name is Steam Robo, can you guess why? Loco is mostly black with some red and gold. Don't forget that classic chrome. His chest stickers are leftovers from Steam Robo and they look great. That's just about the only word to describe this toy. He's pretty great.

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