Thursday, October 14, 2021

Slimer wants my Spooky Snack

It's hard to eat healthy during a holiday known for it's sweet tooth. Just ask Slimer, he wants my little spooky snack. That's my new Fright Features Slimer BTW. We hung out all Sunday. He's more of a throwback to The Real Ghostbusters toys than the other new Fright Features toys by Hasbro. To me anyway. Slimer's known for floating, so there's a pool of slime dripping from his body that serves as a base. There's a button on his back that when pushed causes him to spring up arms in the air saying BOO! While doing so, his giant mouth opens super wide. So wide that you can see his back bone as his giant tongue rolls out. Slimer's Fright Feature means to scare the shit out of somebody... which it did when I showed my Mom. The action startled her. He's not always cute I guess. I know Fright Features is a movie tie in line, but I really hope it goes on for awhile. I love it.

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