Monday, October 4, 2021

Monday of the New Week

It's Monday and you know what that means, it's a new week here on Planet Zone! Honestly, I didn't do much this weekend. Watched a bunch of Halloween stuff on Disney Plus. Decorated the yard a little more, was going to put up some lights but it started raining. Guessing I'll do that next weekend then. Found the reissue BW Megatron at Walmart. Bought the reissue BW Megatron at Walmart. Saw the new 'The Haunted Museum' show on Discovery +, that's a pretty good anthology horror show.

A lot of the paranormal shows on Discovery + are like that, anthology horror shows based on allegedly true events. I'm not saying I 100% believe them, but I'm 100% entertained. This one was much better produced than the others, probably due to Eli Roth's involvement. It's based on items from Zak Bagans paranormal museum. The show starts with him talking about and item and the show tells a story about it. The end has text telling how it ended up in the museum.

It's pretty good. I like most of the shows on the service and channel already, but it's a higher quality production than normal. Ghostober is really good this year. I've got a fun week planned here on the site. Halloween is well underway and we're in the main event month. Thanks everyone for continuing to support my weird little site about robots and monsters. Don't forgot to share with your friends, that's all I ask!

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