Thursday, October 7, 2021

Bios: Che

Function: Interceptor

Relentlessly hunted by Megatron and frustrated by Optimus Primal's beliefs, Cheetor swipes the blueprints oft he Beast Riders technology and creates his own individualized transport. Encased in a unique Quintessian alloy recovered from the lower levels of Cybertron, Che is impervious to most artillery attacks. Razor-sharp battering rams slice through barriers while front-mounted galvaconductors emit 10,000-volt charges to neutralize any obstacle. When in pursuit mode and at full acceleration, Che can reach hypersonic speeds while maintaining incredible maneuverability. Only Cheetor can operate Che at its peak performance through the focus and balance of his spark energy interface, but allows his fellow Maximals to pilot it in his absence.

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