Monday, September 20, 2021

7 Days...

The new week has started here on Planet Zone, sharing this curse with your friends may just save your life! Speaking of curse, I've got a fun week of content in mind... if that's your sort of thing. The weekend was a pretty good one for personally, it somehow felt like a 3 day weekend... and I'm making the most of that. We did'nt do much, but managed to make two different stops at Target, a trip to Walmart. Not to mention visits to Walgreen's, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Big Lots. Target and Walmart are getting their Halloween sections nicely stocked with some good stuff.

I have two nearby locations of each, and the Walmart we went to this weekend is kind of a mess. Normally it's not very organized and messy, but they've been remodeling it the past year... so it's a giant cluster fuck. The Halloween section is just thrown together with no rhyme or reason and in some instances there's just boxes laying on the floor and shelves unopened with no stock on the shelf. This was the same store I found the skeleton action figue last week. I looked for another to send Shawn... but it's like they never existed. 

I did get a Wingfinger, so it wasn't a total skeleton loss. Both trips to Target earned me a Studio Series 86 Wreck-Gar, scout/action attack Ramjet, and Fright Features Venkman and Spengler! I've finally gotten all four Ghostbusters, just need to find... the rest of the line. Very happy that they're selling well... just wish I was having an easier time getting them. Now there's the kids, the ghosts, the car, AND the alternate ghost Venkman and Winston. Dang! They had a lot of Mini Pufts, but I decided to hold for the time being.  

Dollar Tree had none of the He-Man mini figures that I've been looking for, and Dollar General ... still hadn't stocked the Halloween section. Walgreen's was good, no Red Alert, but some spooky skeletons. Big Lots was also a bust, but I grabbed a Transformers blind pack for a video coming soon. Kinda tempted to do a bunch more, but taking the videos slowly with baby steps. Tuesday morning means a trip to a few Starbucks with the Mrs. for the new Halloween cups. You wouldnt believe how long those lines get. Well, you've got 7 days of this curse left. Please share with your friends! Thank you for continuing to support Zone Base. It's fun keeping this thing updated, but awesome to see people enjoy it. 

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