Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Power Plans: Devastator

Centrifical Capacitor: Bullshit, that's just his helmet.

Inductive Proximity Switch: The use for one of these switches is for detecting metal. Which is kind of pointless since all the Transformers are made of metal as is. Then again, Devastator isn't know for critical thinking.

Mental Image Intensifier: That's a nice was of saying Devastator thinks wearing this makes him look cool. If you look good, you feel good.

Energy Storage Reactor: This is a nice way of saying Devastator's power source. Near this should be the Relay Microprocessor and Sub-Elector Cooling... but no.

Wide Scope Processor: I know it may look like his tummy, but it's actually... it's just his tummy. He had beans.

Relay Microprocessor: This is an important part of most electrical systems, so of course it's on his ankle. Because Decepticons.

Sub-Electro Cooling: This keeps Devestator from overheating. If you ever wonder why the Decepticons usually lose, it's because they put things like this in the knee of a giant robot.

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