Wednesday, July 28, 2021

On Fright Features Night

At this point I feel like I've been waiting for Hasbro's Fright Features toys since the 90's. Spiritually I have as they're a follow up to the Real Ghostbusters toys. Since The Real Ghostbusters are the exploits that the movies are based off of, these would be those toys in cartoon world. So in theory, if we were living in a cartoon produced by DiC, these actually would be The Real Ghostbusters toys. I should probably stop myself before going any further... we might open a worm hole in reality or something.

After a year of covid-19 based delays, Ghostbusters Afterlife is finally getting released this November. With it is a slew (that's right, a damn slew) of various tie in merchandise. You already know the Fright Features line is the most interesting to me. A spiritual follow up to Kenner's classic Ghostbusters toy line is just the perfect thing. Sure, there's things like Plasma series and other neat stuff. Just nothing feels as right as these, THIS is what goes through my mind when I think Ghostbusters action figures. The kids from Afterlife will be featured in wave 2 with some familiar looking ghosts. I hope this goes on past wave 2. I'd love wacky variations like the original Kenner line, or even the girls from the 2016 movie. While we're at it there's Janine and Louis. There's no limit to where they could go with these. Or at least no limit I want them to hit.

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