Tuesday, June 22, 2021

I'd Buy That Slime Toy For A Dollar

Dollar store toys can be an odd thing. Some items seemingly get reused in various discount lines. The Neba Neba Vacuum toys, I think fall into that category. I swear I have that skull. Neba Neba Vacuum is a simple slime toy (neba neba means sticky) that's been recently found at Daiso stores in Japan. I'd been recently seeing it pop up in my views and not to long ago one of my favorite YouTubers covered them (that's the picture above's source). 

They're little weirdo characters with included slime. By squeezing the toy, you can either suck up or squirt out the slime. It's not a totally new thing, but silly fun to play around with. As you can see the assortment ranges from spooky to silly and gross. Of course my attention is on the spooky ones. I swear I've got the skull one from another discount slime line. Honestly it's the box art that's got my attention so much. Just look at it, it's majestic! I'd love a sticker set of these guys. The spooky guys are just right to pair with your Ghostbusters or other figures that might find themselves in such a predicament. I'm thinking the perfect pairing for Battle Tribes action.

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