Friday, March 5, 2021

Head On... Over To Walmart

This past weekend I finally finished getting all of the wave 1 Headmasters at Walmart. I lucked up on Mindwipe in January, but was unable to find the rest until just now. Just in time as the second wave is popping up. I love this sort of thing.

The vintage style packaging really does it for me. It just looks great and while I understand the need for updated packaging- there's nothing quite like those old G1 style boxes. When Shokaract came in a Masterforce style box I was blown away. These toys would be ideal con exclusives.

I'm getting myself back into a con mindset, ToyLanta is just a few weeks away. I adjusted to the virtual/online con model really quickly since the pandemic started. Gone is haunting the dealers room between panels. Now I watch panels on my phone while going to Walmart. Getting these Headmasters during a online con would be just right.

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