Friday, December 18, 2020

Yardwork With Roton

I've mentioned one of the things I enjoy about Masters of the Universe as an adult is the absurdity of it all. As a child, it was awesome and as an adult it still is... in a different way. I've pointed this out before, but follow along here.

He-Man is a magical muscle man with a team of pun based super heroes fighting various living Halloween decorations. This takes place on a planet that's a mix of sci fi and fantasy with packaging that looks like heavy metal albums. It's completely ridiculous. If you had no prior knowledge of the line and I sat and explained it to you, you'd think I was high.

With that in mind, let's talk about Roton for a minute. Roton is one of Skeletor's more popular vehicles and is exactly what I was talking about. Imagine is you will, a demonic lawn mower that Skeletor drives around. Roton has a giant saw blade surrounding it that spins as it moves. It has two laser guns and can also fly. At this point why not?

You've probably noticed in the art I've included here, and that's Skeletor apparently started a lawn care service. Even the artists at Mattel were confused by this thing. Here's Skeletor and his satanic John Deer. Mowing the yard. 

The other take away you can probably easily see is Skeletor is a sitting duck in this thing. He's just out in the open. Sure, he can shoot you or mess you up if he gets close. If somebody has a gun a few feet away however... You know, Zoar could have just snatched him out of it in the commercial up top.

Early conceptual art of Roton DID have a canopy and it's popped up in a few versions of Roton. As ridiculous as it is... it's hard not to love. I mean, it's a demonic lawn mower with guns. It can fly sometimes.

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