Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Buzzworthy Like A Bee

Leaked images of a Bumblebee toy has been hitting the news site all night. Buzzworthy Bumblebee, which appears to be a core class Bumblebee and a Spike partner figure. There's a War for Cybertron logo on the packaging. Speculation to the toys home on the retail shelves is rampant and I guess time will tell on that.

What's got my attention is a a partner figure two pack. I loved this basic concept in Power Core Combiners and the Legend with Targetmasters in Generations. 

I'm hoping this is a new small market line. This is the ideal thing to pop into a Walgreens and pick up along with a Pepsi and one of those Andes Mints candy bars. The small size and partner figures make for good random repaints for random oddball characters. That Spike could be made into somebody else and paired with somebody else repainted as somebody else. Know who's all in for that? Somebody like me. Who else?

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