Monday, September 14, 2020

Weekend Report, Do You Copy

The weird thing about a normal weekend after a holiday one is completely obvious. It's shorter than the one you just had, so it just kinda vanishes on you. However it was still a pretty good weekend. Saturday morning after I got home, the wife and I headed out to check out a few things. I had two missions in mind. Find Shawn a Slitherfang and find myself Eternia Minis series 2. 

After a quick Wendy's breakfast in the Dollar Tree parking lot, the Mrs. and I went inside to discover all they had to offer us. We bought quite a bit of Halloween treat bag supplies. Let me clue you in to our Halloween plan. Two different buckets of treats for the kid to choose from. They can pick candy or toys. That way we can account for allergies or various issues with candy. Also, so the wife can spend her Sunday's putting together little treat bags. She loves that sort of thing. We're going to have the best house in town.

We then went to Target which had a halfway set up Halloween section. More treat bag goodies were bought as well as odd decorations. We'll wait a little closer to the date for candy. Because I will eat it. Upon approaching the Transformers area... no Slitherfang. A ton of Rung, but no Slitherfang. Dammit. Nothing else I needed either (or was allowed to get, Christmas). Oh well, off to Walmart!

Walmart had a lot more Halloween stuff stocked and we spent a lot of time looking through it all. Some more decorations were grabbed. They have a cool 18" blow mold that's the same sculpt as a mini one I got last year. I plan on grabbing him next weekend. My plan is to get a little at a time so I don't go home empty handed all spooky season. The blow mold is a recreation of a vintage one that I admired quite a bit as a child. I've been content to have the mini one, but there's no way I'll miss big one.

As far as Transformers go, Walmart had stuff I already have. Dammit. No Slitherfang. As for MOTU, they had a ton of Skeletor and 4 series 2 Eternia minis. All four were the same two guys, so I grabbed one of each. There was no new Star Wars I was allowed to buy (Christmas, yo) but they did have the new Playmates Final Wars Godzilla figure. I've been taking my time with the Godzilla vs Kong figures since the movie isn't' out for a few seasons and to be honest. Christmas. These are easy things to tell my Mom I don't have yet. Yes I'm 42, but for the rest of my family my interests are confusing. I try to make things easy for them. It's this or get random "do you have this" texts all December.

The Final Wars Godzilla I mentioned? It's part of the Godzilla/Kong line Playmates has been selling at Walmart which took the place of Bandai's line (it's a weird business deal or something). The Shin Godzilla they had in the assortment was swapped out with this new Final Wars figure that's surprisingly really good. It gives me vibes of older vinyl figures and yes, it's a normal vinyl. Not hard vinyl. Neat. We got other things while there, but you don't care about my socks. I hope you don't. Please don't.

We then headed to the neighboring town (it's maybe a 20 minute drive) and the Walmart and Target located there. That Walmart was completely Halloween stocked. It was great! We bought more shit. They also had a full shelf of He-Man and only He-Man. The MOTU Origins figures come one character per case. Stores tend to stock one case at a time. They also had an entire shelf display of series 2 Eternia Minis. I picked out the ones I needed and put what was left of the boxes content's on the shelf. I took that beautiful Snake Mountain display box home with me! I really should have done that with Castle Greyskull. The Transformers, GI JOE, and Star Wars? You guessed it, Christmas. 

Target was kinda a wet fart for Halloween stuff. This one always takes forever with any seasonal stuff other than Christmas. They did have this years Halloween cat scratch houses though. We get one for Halloween and Christmas every year. It won't last the entire season, the cats will destroy it. Target also had none Slitherfang. None. But they did have new Micromasters that I was allowed to buy.

I checked with Shawn to see if he was in need of those micro dudes and no, he was not. My quest for a smol robot snake continues. I will be victorious. Even if he already has one by the time I find another, he's getting it. We got some Subway and went home. They have a BOGO on subs BTW, was eating that shit until this morning. We ate our subs and watched some TV before I needed to take a nap, which turned into waking up around 8am Sunday morning. Dang. To be fair, I decided to take that nap at 8PM Saturday night. I has been up since 2:30PM Friday afternoon.

Sunday was filled with some household work, a visit from Mom which resulted in a massive Olive Garden take out order, and watching a lot of spooky shit. Between ghost videos and me taking a look at some more Halloween content (I make a point to watch it first, you can never be cautious enough yo). Today was full of errands and posting toy pics on Instagram. The same pics that will be used for future posts here. Happy fall y'all! 

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