Monday, August 17, 2020

Weekend Reportings

I'd like to say I had an awesome weekend, but that'd be lying. It wasn't a bad weekend, or an ideal one. My mother is moving and I spent a good deal of the weekend at her storage unit unloading a U-Haul. Combined with the near 100 degree weather of August in Georgia and you've got the ingredients for a poopy time.

Friday while I was at work, the Mrs. made a trip to Walmart and found me a Earthrise Snapdragon while there! I've been really looking forward to this bot and finally got a chance to play with him Monday morning. Great figure, there'll be a post on him later this week. I didn't think to ask her to check for the MMPR Megazord, but kinda figured he wouldn't have been there yet anyway. Masters of the Universe and Ghostbusters were still cleared out.

We stopped by a Dollar General and Kroger to look at incoming Halloween stuffs and both stores weren't quit there yet. Kroger had some candy and ceramic pumpkins (that we're a little interested in) and the Dollar General was a wet fart. The one by my wife's work already has already got a ton out. This one had like... the boxes sitting on shelves unopened and doesn't look like it's been cleaned since it opened. 

That's kinda the risk with Dollar Generals, either it's pretty ok or a train wreck. No in between. After looking at their site last week, it doesn't look like there's any new monster army figures. Just a repeat of the 2017 and 2018 sets like last year. Bummer. I did see something unexpected at Kroger though. They had 3 3/4th Kenner style Marvel figures in little bags. These may be the same discount line I've seen at Big Lots a few years ago in different packaging, but I'm pretty tempted to go back and snag a few. At least Spider-Man. 

So how did AC/DC manage to have two different singers who sounded like they were passing a kidney stone?

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