Monday, August 31, 2020

This Daggum Weekend Past

It's Monday already, dammit. I got off Saturday morning and went with the wife to Bed Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle. Saturday was the launch day for Yankee Candle's Halloween collection and her usual tradition is to hit that and BB&W for a spooky shopping spree. BB&W put their stuff out a few weeks ago, but she held off as she likes to do them together.

We got to the shopping center early and went to BB&W first since Yankee Candle wasn't open and the line hadn't formed yet. I held a shopping bag as she filled it up with random pumpkin and ghost scented candles. Afterwards she got int the now forming line at Yankee Candle while I put two heavy bags that smelled like fall into the car. We stood there for about 3 minutes before the store opened as a Space Mountain sized line formed behind us.

Apparently there was a slight bit of candle drama as this years figurine theme was a haunted hospital and you know that whole pandemic. Of course the stuff was in production before the crap hit the fan, so it's not like it was intentional. You know, a Plague Doctor has been a very popular costume for a few years now. Wonder how well that's going to go over this year?

Also folks were complaining about stuff selling out online already, which we found out that ordering from the store comes from a different stock, so I guess now we know. Just remember, when somebody gives you trouble for collecting toys, they probably rioted over fancy candles and a football game.

We stopped by Walmart after to pick up a few things needed outside of the grocery order. Like a toaster. I was happy to see Masters of the WWE Universe figures and grabbed an Undertaker. Also picked up a Star Wars Mission Fleet Clone Trooper and Ghostbusters Hot Wheel. They had reissue Blaster, but I've got one on order, so I left them for others. Also have a Godbeast order on the way, really looking forward to it. This wave's theme is reverse Scarabite and I love how the Scarabite colors look in reverse. Can't wait for it to get here.

Come to think about it, I haven't assembled the last few Glyos drops yet. That move really threw me out of whack. Hopefully I can put some micro console time in this weekend. It's a holiday weekend, meaning this will be the longest week in history. I specifically want to play Bonk.

The wife did some in house Halloween decorating Saturday night while watching 'Over the Garden Wall', another tradition of hers. I picked up boxes. We have a lot of Halloween decorations. We'll finish that next weekend as some other household things we've been putting off since moving. Plans were to do that Sunday, but that became watching a mix of watching TV and Bill and Ted 3 while waiting for a pot roast to cook.

I usually don't talk about Monday on these weekend posts, but, there was a Friday the 13th marathon on all day. I'd enjoy that more if not for the migraine I woke up with. I was in and out of sleep all day periodically waking up at random parts in movies. You guys won't believe it, they only played part 5 once. Well, at least before I went to work anyway.

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