Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Spirit Halloween 2020 Theme!

Nothing says the end of summer more than the clearance of pool noodles and the first looks at Halloween for the year! A fond tradition for pumpkin minded folks like myself is checking out what Spirit Halloween will have in order for us this year. I'm happy to say that this years theming is pretty great. The front entrance way will be 'Reaper's Island' a location from Spirit Expedition Company! I love a good old timey adventure club and a good Skull Mountain style location is a great place for the adventure club to meet their fates at.  For the record, all the images I'm using in this post are from the Spirit Halloween Wiki, and I suggest you spend a little time there.

The back theming of the store is 'Jack's Cave'. A super neat scary temple where many member's of adventuring clubs have found themselves sacrificed at. While the pandemic seems to have dictated this not be the walk through that past back themes have featured, it's still a pretty nifty display. I'll be sure to make another video of my local store like the one I did last year... though I'll make a point to not use some free editing software this time. Totes was having problems with my normal stuff and it didn't come out super great. Anyway, see for yourself below!

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