Friday, August 7, 2020

Monogram Your Bag With Optimus Prime

So Monogram has these cool Transformers blind bag clips coming in September. I've been a fan of Monogram's blind bag bag clip figures for a little while now. From the Godzilla to Masters of the Universe, they're a fun thing to collect. Even my wife has enjoyed the Mandalorian series. So of course I'd be happy to pick some of these up at Target, which these days has a pretty good blind bag selection these days.

I see myself wanting all of them. Though one thing about Monogram is they wrap the figures in a piece of card inside the bag, making it hard to bag feel the figures. So multiples are probably likely without codes. Really like Wheeljack and Soundwave. Grimlock and Bumblebee too. Barricade looks great, I really like the "G1" version of Police car Barricade. Barricade was in G1 already, but the Police car from the movies really stuck and this more traditional one just works man.

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