Friday, July 24, 2020

I Like Smol Bots And I Cannot Lie

A few things been popping up today on my robot meter, and they happen to be things I like! Jada, makers of the Nano Metal Figs that I'm pretty fond of has their newest batch of tiny cars coming soon and in the assortment is the sweet G1 Transformers assortment. The movie set came last year and finally getting this to go along with it is a treat. The little cars (and jet) just look so neat and I love the G1 box art on the package. It's a nice looking little set that won't cost much at Walmart when they show up. There's a G.I.JOE set in this assortment I want as well.

A lucky person found the newest wave of Tiny Turbo Changers at Target recently. This is that person's picture btw. I'm jealous of that person btw. I hope I'll find these dudes at Target, but most likely will find them at Kroger like the last few batches of Tiny Turbo Changers. Aside from that last movie series that apparently got shipped to the Bermuda Triangle that is. Which is fine as Kroger's holiday section is the bomb ya'll.

Last year they had so many great blind toys in neat displays. This wave unfortunately is mostly reissues of wave one aside from a few new bots. That's ok, at least I only have to dig for a few bots instead of all of them. No matter how used to I am of looking at codes on my phone, there's always that one person staring at me like I'm crazy. Which if they're worried about my sanity, shouldn't they move along just in case I do something crazy?

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