Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Dinos Striking Each Other With Missiles

Last year I bought a 5 Surprise ball and wasn't very impressed. I got some stickers, some balloons, a army man... stuff that would be fun for a kid. As an adult fan of blind bag items though, it wasn't very great. Flash forward to my birthday in March, in a gift bag with some items is a 5 Surprise ball, though now with the Dino Strike logo boldly displayed.

Much to my (5) surprise, Zuru had improved their line with this way cool dinosaur series not totally unlike Dino Riders. Inside each compartment is parts of a build-able dinosaur mini figure with snap on armor and launching missiles. The pleasantly rubbery dinos are really well sculpted and have a little action feature when the tail is moved. I was really impressed with the toy and planned to get more.

Remember me mentioning moving a thousand times the past few months, yeah, so this past weekend I finally got another. I plan to regularly buy these as they're cool as crap. I hope to find some of the skeleton ones as that's kind of amazing. They're just the right size for your Mega Construx Masters of the Universe for Preternia adventures. It's be great to have Scareglow riding the skeleton dinos.

I've been seeing some glow in the dark varieties online, but have only seen the standard series at my local stores. They're about 5.99 at Walmart, but I've heard of them making Five Below appearances, which would be a dollar cheaper. I hope Zuru keeps going in this direction. This is an ideal blind toy type thing and pretty awesome in general.

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