Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Random Transformer Memory

While packing this weekend, I decided to repack a good deal of my Transformers. Several had been in banker boxes and condensing the mass of them seemed like a great idea. Instead of 4 small size boxes, one big box. Not to mention, several were starting to come apart from various moves and such. While I was mostly just transferring ziploc freezer bags full of robots from one box to another, occasionally I'd take a second to look over the toys.

Memories of this Armada Optimus Prime, or that G2 Megatron pop up instantly when looking at the toy. That's pretty normal, but occasionally there's the 'oh yeah' toy like Heinrad or pink and purple bootleg Transmetal Optimus Primal that I haven't thought about often. Then there's the ones I forgot I owned all together, like various Spychanger repaints.

I think the funniest is all the candy toys, capsule toys, and sofubi from Beast Wars I'd come across. They were plentiful during beast era and even more so for a few years after. I remember those old BotCons racking up on them for not a lot of money. I bought a display pack of BW II Kabaya kits once for 5$ and then had my friend hold my Pepsi Blue while making the pack fit in my backpack.

I was already explaining what they were to him and then had to explain what Pepsi Blue was. Of course by that point the soda had done turned warm and when he took the sip I offered it tasted horrible. I don't know what happened to that guy. We were friends for a while before he seemingly vanished off the face of the earth. I wonder if he still doesn't trust my opinion of beverages?

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