Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Ghosts At The Video Store

Summer is a Spooky Season. I've said it a million times because it's true. It's also the prelude to Halloween, the whole world wants a little pumpkin spice mayhem right now. Just search up summer urban legends, or remember those weekends you watched some random Nightmare on Elm St. after grilling out dinner. Sometimes you want the most Halloween you can get despite what time of the year it is. Fortunately some stores last year started their Halloween stocking in summer, and not just craft stores! That's what makes this little commercial for Video Biz so great.

Video Biz is a video store in Arkansas that I've never been in and possibly might not be open anymore. It's 2020 after all. As other video stores would advertise, they have the newest movies in stock! Like Ghostbusters! Without actually saying Halloween, they made the most Halloween commercial possible. It's got all the charm of an old local business commercial with some great special effects. I swear I've heard that same announcer on old commercials for haunted houses. It's like, they knew you wanted some spooky shit... we all do.

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