Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Five Not Alive

Ghostbusters, juice boxes, Ecto Cooler. Tale as old as time. Though for some reason Coca-Cola tied Five Alive to Ghostbusters 2 promotional output. I'd like to assume it had to do with the bag of sugar in every sip of Ecto Cooler... but seeing as they sold the stuff for years after... probably just an attempt to rub some ghost magic on a different brand. Spooky shit sells, it's a fact.

What's selling me in this commercial isn't the juice drink. Actually I don't even remember what Five Alive even tastes like. Crap? What does get me wanting some of this Ghostbusters tie in drank is those holograms. Look at them, they're majestic.

I'd probably buy guacamole if it had holograms on the container and for the record, I hate guacamole. Kinda amazed I spelled it right though. From what I've gathered, this was a Canadian promotion, so I wonder if Canadian movie theaters sell juice boxes? Or allow kids to bring in outside juice boxes? I can't imagine watching a movie in a theater without the aquarium sized soda or icee they normally sell for a mortgage payment.

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