Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Don't Look In The Mirror

Summer is a Spooky Season.

I've been waiting for this video to get put on YouTube for a while now. Xiaolong is a Chinese ghost hunter who does a lot of live streams of his explorations. His videos consist of him and usually a friend exploring an abandoned or spooky location looking for ghosts. They'll attempt to communicate with the ghosts inside the haunted location and often get the wits scared out of them. The videos are a mix of funny and spooky. Often you'll hear them yelling out AT the ghosts. That's because a common belief there is aggressively yelling curse words will ward off a harmful spirit.

While the entire video is a pretty good watch, there's a few key points to watch out for. One of the funniest things I've ever seen in these videos is around minute mark 40:10. While looking inside a chest, one of the ghost hunters farts and scares the other. At minute mark 58:55 the two attempt to communicate with the spirits. In between the two bickering they get a few scares. The main event though is around minute mark 1:29. The two find a mirror and look into it. A second looks gives them the scare of a lifetime.

Summer is a Spooky Season.

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