Friday, May 29, 2020

Friday Night Frights- Swing You Sinners (1930)

I post spooky shit all year on this here site. In fact, part of making this whole Friday Night Frights was a way of working it in all year. The site is a Halloween blog as well as a weird site about robots and monsters... but it's not Halloween all year.. technically anyway. Summer preludes to Halloween with it being a Spooky Season all of it's own. Not to mention, it's like the appetizer before pumpkin spice time. I don't care what any calendar says, Memorial Day is the start to summer and the spooky half of the year is starting on Zone Base!

So yeah, it's spooky shit time every Friday night right?

It totally is! Since summer is a more mean spirited part of the spooky season, what better way to kick that off than with some scary ass shit? I mean... look, I'm not convinced this cartoon isn't cursed. Swing You Sinners is a 90 year old cartoon that's probably the most horrible thing made. Let me give you the run down. Bimbo (I didn't name him) goes to steal a chicken one night. The cops nearly catch him and he escapes into a local cemetery to hide. This is where things go full tilt fever dream insane. The spirits of the graveyard come out to punish Bimbo for his sinning ways and we're treated (damned) to the weirdest nightmare that you never saw coming.

It's terrifying. Enjoy!

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