Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Thunder Spark Bumblebee Smash!

Autobase Aichi today showed scans from TV-Kun magazine with a new exclusive legion/speed series. Thunder Spark Bumblebee! Using the Dark of the Moon Cyberverse mold (really surprised it isn't from the Bumblebee movie), it sure is another translucent exclusive, and probably hard to distinguish from others.

I'll probably never own it, I'd like to, but probably won't. It's just neat. I wish I had this sort of thing here, I'd love to pick up a regular magazine and see an exclusive mail away like this. Not to mention, I love translucent colors on toys. I know they aren't known for lasting forever, but neither will I, and I'd like to enjoy the things I enjoy while I'm here. Not to mention, I like Bumblebee. He's good people.

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