Friday, April 17, 2020

Thruster And The Pointless Trap

If you've ever wondered why the bad guys usually lose, it's because they have things like Thruster. Thruster is the spaceship headquarters of the Renegades, the bad guys of the Gobots. Now this normally wouldn't seem like such a bad thing, a giant space ship makes perfect sense for a group of space robots to call home. Adding to the effectiveness of the base is that it can change into a giant robot. That's a good call, seeing as the Guardians base does the same. Even the playing field.

Anybody else notice the giant flaw in it's design?

So Cy-Kill takes Scooter captive. Scooter was snooping around Thruster and not cool Scooter. It's private property. Cy-Kill takes a seat in his throne (not too shabby) and commands Scooter to be imprisoned. Thruster obeys, he lifts his massive arm causing Scooter to fall down a trap door! A trap door that... leads into... a completely open room...


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