Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Special Beast Wars Sauce

There was a time when the Beast Wars movie seemed like the most amazing thing ever to me. Later when I got a subtitled VHS copy at a local comic con (anyone else miss the bootleg video booths at those?) I discovered it wasn't much more than a new episode of Beast Wars 2.  That and a episode of Metals (what we called season 2 and 3) with a bit of a clip show... but that's kind of what these kids show 'special' movies really are anyway. But at the time, it was nothing short of amazing.

It's funny what the lack of availability does to things. I was in college and working that dreaded Office Max job. Between stocking shelves and selling computers, I'd often cover the copy center. I'd like to say I was multi talented, but the management was so bad that you'd often find yourself doing multiple jobs if you were competent while the slackers got promoted, often to management. Of course the store eventually closed down due to some genius opening a store next door to a Walmart...

It was those times hanging out in the copy center that I'd usually take advantage of the equipment and make various posters from images I'd bring in on a floppy. A particular favorite was a Beast Wars 2 poster I made that found itself on every refrigerator I had for years. 20 something years later I still have it. Though, it's yellowed quite a bit and stuck in a box somewhere. Maybe after I move I'll put it in a frame. Though I might spray it with Lysol first, kinda smells. It old.

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