Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Real Mechtech, Fake Linkin Park

I've got two things to admit. One, I'm a fan of Mechtech. Two, I'm not a fan of Linkin Park. While my opinion of a popular band doesn't have any impact of their success, thanks to their involvement in the live action movie soundtracks, there's a portion of Transformers history scored by them. That's fine, just because I don't enjoy a band doesn't mean I think others shouldn't.

It's funny, however, to see the influence used in a commercial for Transformers toys around the time the two were related. Not just for the novelty that makes me enjoy it so much though. One of the reasons I enjoy watching old commercials so much is that their a snapshot of a time that has passed. Dark of the Moon came out almost 9 years ago, which is that weird time frame for these types of things. Often I've found that the 2000's are regarded to not have much of a personality of their own. Which just isn't true. My generation's just getting old and we're not as hip as we'd like to think we are. This wasn't an uncommon music type for the time.

Mechtech though... that was pretty unpopular with a large portion of the fandom. For the life of me I'll never understand why either. Sure, here goes the 'you like everything' response I typically get... which just baffles me. I mean, it's my hobby, I'm not spending time on things I don't like. If you don't hear me say anything about something... duh.

Mechtech to me was a neat gimmick. Move lever on a gun and WHAMMO! Now it's a chainsaw. Overkill? Yeah, maybe, but Transformers has never been known for it's subtleness. It made for a cool toy accessory too. I was pretty fond of DOTM as well as it's toy line. So maybe my opinion might be a little skewed toward favorable on it... but this isn't a site about shit I don't like. Duh.

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