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I don't know what it is about my birthday that makes me focus on Ghidorah so much. But it's a few days away from it and guess who's on my mind yet again. It's funny though. I strongly recall as a child not caring for Ghidorah at all. Whenever Grandpa Munster would show a Godzilla movie on Super Scary Saturdays, I'd be absolutely ecstatic (as you could imagine). But if Ghidorah was on it... yeah I'd watch it, but man I was so unimpressed with ole' Monster Zero.

At some point my opinion changed completely and now I get so damn excited to see him. Last year, my mother spent the weekend with us and my wife took me to Fun Spot for my birthday. It was a fun day. Before we left, the Mrs. had me open my presents and in my Mom's grand fashion, she gave me money in a gift card. Though this time, good ole' Ghidorah was holding the card. She don't even know his name, just that gold dragon I like.

Earlier today I finally began playing with my new Godbeast Monster 0 DX set (it's been a hard week). While I initially assembled the various members, I started working on the combined Monster 0 (Ghidorah homage) and just the memories came to me. Getting Starfox for my SNES in 9th grade and only stopping playing to watch Invasion of Astro-Monster. Badly drawing Ghidorah fighting Optimus Prime while waiting for school to be over so I could get treated to Pizza Hut.

I sure do put a lot of extra focus on Ghidorah this time of year... and I have no clue why. Of course how could I not think about a giant golden dragon from space that breathes lightening bolts? That's all year thinking right there.


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