Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Spoopy Dudes, Where Are You?

I've long rang the bells of just how awesome I find Playmobil. Their charming little figures just work well with any theme you slap on one. For spooky minded people yearning for Halloween like myself, they provide a bit of solace with random monsters thrown into their series. The Ghostbusters line is just spectacular and if that wasn't enough, they've dipped their toes into Scooby-Doo. Not just offering random play sets of the Mystery Inc gang, the highlight of the line is the blind bag ghosts!
Featuring the more well known of the various ghoulish villains from the cartoon, the blind bags are just an amazing little things. Like may blind bag toys, codes are available to help identify which figure is inside and getting multiples. As the line just started in January the code lists out there aren't the best, so your experience may vary. I'm still trying to track down a Headless Horeseman, who seems to allude me each time I hit the shelf box at Walmart.
Each figure comes with accessories the ghost used in it's episode, a sticker of said ghost, and an odd clear I.D sign for the ghost to hold. Like a business card to present upon attending a ghost conference. Presumably intended to be the individual files of each ghost in a case by Mystery Inc, but I like to imagine a scenario where the Creeper and Ghost Clown are bidding against each other on a contract.

Just like any episode of Scooby-Doo, you can yank the mask off and discover it was Old Man Jenkins the whole time. Speaking of, how is even a mystery as to who the ghost is? At what point does Fred just ask the rest of the gang who they only saw once for a second? Like the fifth time? Anyway, some characters have an alternate face with make up wiped off on the opposite side of the head (just turn it around, the rest of the figure hides it) or in some cases the toys costume is fully removable with the culprit fully exposed when removed.

It's a great batch of figures, even if spooky ain't your thing (man, I've got bad news for you about this site), you can't help but to enjoy the great toys.. I hope future series include The Disk Demon or one of Big Bob Oakley's costumes. Playmobil always delivers when it comes to great toys and just dang they outdid themselves with these ghosts.

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