Monday, January 27, 2020

Video Format Change

Unlike the past few Mondays, I didn't make any videos today. I stayed pretty busy all weekend celebrating my wife's birthday and stuff not leaving me wanting to do much today. Well, other than work through a pretty big backlog of keshi/mini figures and put pictures of them on Instagram. I decided to put my videos on Instagram TV again as opposed to YouTube. I'm not deleting my channel, just realizing (again) my best fit.

I think sometime next week or this week I'll take a few of the ones I put of YouTube and stick them on my Instagram. Not that I've got a bazillion followers or anything, but I get a good amount of likes and views there. Not to mention, the kinda of thing I do goes over more with the crowd there. That and admittedly, while I watch a lot of YouTube, I like uploading to Instagram a million times better. If desktop readers noticed the return of the Instagram widget on the sidebar. That's part of my annual January arranging of the site. It doesn't really change much, but I do figures out a bunch of things over the course of the month while moving stuff around. Thanks for coming back to another year of Zone Base!

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