Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Bought To Get Not As Brightly LIT

I'm just going to go ahead and talk about one of my favorite TV shows. I didn't say the best show ever, I said one of my favorites. It's occasional lack of quality actually might be one of the reasons I like it just so very much. That doesn't make sense, but neither do some of the episodes. I can literally loose an entire day just watching episodes from my DVD sets. Half the time fully enthralled, half the time laughing in a state of confusion as to what is even going on. BTW, this is where I say 'yeah, yeah' when somebody brings up the new show. I uh.. don't think I care. I'm 100% happy with the old show. Gnaw meen brah?

I still say my favorite episodes are the Halloween episodes. While I love spooky shit all year, clearly Halloween flavored spooky shit is my favorite variety. There's cool monster under the bed stories, and then there's monster under the bed stories after trick or treating. I may have a problem, but it's a fun one to have. That also is kind of the charm of the show, even the non-Halloween episodes feel like an old Halloween special. They just have that same vibe. I mean, check out the witch that scares a young Seth Green in 'The Monsters In My Room". Might as well check out the whole episode while you're at it. It's nice to see Seth Green long before you were tired of him in the early 2000's.

It's just the perfect show to spend a day with with a bunch of snacks. Some chips, some candy, maybe a frozen pizza. It's a good way to enjoy some spooky shit in January as well as October. Which as it's currently January, I'm just lost without orange pumpkins everywhere. I've got to make do and somehow I can equate grape soda and pizza with anything. Like Halloween in January!

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