Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Kabaya mofo

Me and Kabaya... yeah we're friends. Probably not to anyone who's been reading the sites surprise. To embellish on that fact, there's been times at H-Mart where I've bought Kabaya items I have no interest in just for the logo. Thomas The Tank Engine snacks by Kabaya... sure. But with the various TF items popping up at Dollar Tree lately combined with the various discount items already available. Man, it's not hard to hope for more items like what Kabaya creates.

Honestly, something like small blind bag figurines would be most welcome. I was at Target this past weekend looking through their pretty great selection of blind packed items. Man, some Kabaya Transformers would have been welcomed in that section. They could have an app and each figure comes with a QR code so you could scan your figure into the app. Maybe it could battle others, or just act as an album of your collection. Everyone loves apps, I can't remember the last time I ordered pizza without one.

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