Friday, October 18, 2019

Urbex in a haunted house

We've all watched true crime shows and have seen the reenactments of bodies just being found abandoned somewhere. Around college years, some friends and I snuck into a fenced off construction zone to snoop around. An old shopping center was being demolished to clear the land for newer developments. We all had vivid memories of the center when it was nice, and even more long after the area had went downhill. The entire time we looked around, all I could think about was finding a dead crackhead or worse. The guys in this video go looking in an infamous spot in their area and find more than they were looking for.

At Halloween, it's fun to go to a local haunted house and get jump scared by people in costumes. It's make believe and generally a good time. While I've never had the misfortune of being in a real situation like that, some people unfortunately have. The next time you drive past that old factory that's been closed for years and get the urge to look around. Just remember, before you do, there could literally be anything in there. Anything.

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