Friday, October 18, 2019

Skyquake in Germany, jack crap in Georgia

I'm pretty jealous of the countries that got Skyquake, Thunder Clash, and all the other Transformers from that era of that didn't get released here (the dark times). Though I'm pretty sure others are jealous of my super powers of finding old ass commercials. No? Well... just pretend you are. Because I'm not pretending, even though I later got these molds in other releases, I still wish I would have had the option of getting Skyquake at my local Walmart back then. This German commercial really shows off the robots and even has a touch of stop motion. I absolutely love the colors of this era, but love the all around look and build of Transformers of this time even more. Keep your overpriced MP, give me a early 90's robot any day.

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