Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween from Zone Base

Halloween is finally here. Happy Halloween and hope you enjoy your night of trick or treating, costumes, horror marathons, and other spooky fun. It's weird. I spend all summer waiting for the first signs of Halloween to show up. Usually I get a peak in August, but this year it was June! Then spend all this time leading up to the day itself celebrating the season of ghosts and goblins.

Halloween itself is usually a pretty chill evening for me. The wife and I get pizza and random spooky desserts. Then spend the evening with the lights off, the blow molds and pumpkins lit, and Halloween specials all night. She usually falls asleep before I do, with me ending the night quietly watching more spooky stuff in our bedroom before falling asleep myself. Halloween is technically a day, but for us who love it, it's a season.

We relish every second of it with the day itself serving as the curtain call. Then we spend the rest of the year waiting until those pumpkins start showing up again in the summer (little earlier now than then, thankfully). Thing is, I like spooky stuff all year. I've made my love of it known here and even the site's tagline informs you that monsters be here. So maybe I had an idea. I'm not going to tell it, but maybe I had an idea for the site going forward. A little more so than before.

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