Friday, September 6, 2019

Urbex in a Haunted Graveyard

This Urbex video reminds me of an old story. When I was in college some friends and I would regularly go looking around places we weren't supposed to be. Closed down buildings, graveyards way too late at night, even ran from security at a water reservoir one night. All sorts of stupid stuff we shouldn't have done. We weren't making videos or anything, but if we could have, we probably would have. One night we snuck into a closed cemetery just after midnight. We had parked his car on the street in the nearby neighborhood and just walked through one of the gates that got left open at closing time.

This place was huge. The kind of cemetery you'd drive to the site of your loved ones in. There we were without flashlights walking around completely lost. After what seemed like forever, we found what had to be an attached funeral home. It looked like a plantation house and was all lit up. There were people inside working. Either late night cleaning or possible embalming work. We knew we just couldn't ask someone in there for help, they'd likely call the police on us for trespassing. We also knew that we had to be even more careful as now we could clearly be seen. However, something compelled us to sneak a look through the windows. I mean, what exactly was going on in there?

We snuck around to the back where the lights weren't as bright and there would be more shade to hide in. We found a dark corner near a window and peered in. Not sure what exactly the people were doing, but in literally no time found ourselves face to face with an older lady who just popped into the window and looked us dead in the eyes as she yelled for help.

Sometimes you don't talk, sometimes instinct takes over and a pack mentality forms. That must be what happened because we took off running. We all seemingly found the exact same place to get over a section of fence and into somebodies neighboring yard. Without saying a word we found ourselves hiding behind tool sheds as police cars circled the cemetery with flood lights. Fortunately it was late at night, so nobody was awake to look out a back window and rat us out. Before long they gave up the hunt and there we were laughing in the street. That was close... hey... where the hell did we park?

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